About Us 


PIERPONT HOLDINGS LLC is a holding company designed to actively pursue beneficially disruptive technologies that have the potential for revolutionizing business. We intend to focus first on Business to Business (B2B) Procurement as we believe it represents the next largest opportunity after sales at $9 USD trillion in 2018 for the US alone. Finding new opportunities for product innovation, savings and cash flow improvements are drying up for old-line mature organizations.   With New Technologies and our Proprietary S2C Processes, Pierpont can help your business increase the impact on every savings opportunity. 


Do you use Big Data Analytics for “ALL” strategic sourcing events to increase results in your business?

Most companies are using 1970’s vintage spreadsheet technology as their primary analytics solution, and thus constraining both the number of suppliers and the number of cost attributes on each bid.  Pierpont Holdings can help you both select and use next generation technologies to get the most out of each sourcing event. 

Is Last Minute Notification from your business partners a challenge for your procurement team?

A lot of procurement opportunities are dead before they even begin.  If your stakeholder has picked the supplier; hasn’t engaged the right procurement person on your team; communicated the budget to the supplier; prematurely excluded appropriate alternatives; locked in specifications to a sole source; and/or, told the procurement team who to contract with, you’ve missed an opportunity to drive value for your business.  Pierpont Holdings’ proprietary Constraint-Less Bidding Methodology can help your Procurement team “SEE” the sourcing opportunity with enough time to “COMPETE” it.

Does your team have sufficient time to properly complete all sourcing bids and events?

One common failure mode impacting Procurement teams’ ability to deliver results is not having enough time to put the sourcing opportunity through a competitive sourcing process.  Usually, the challenge occurs for three reasons.  First business stakeholders may not be aware of the impact of late notification. Second, this event might be driven by a late-developing business needs with no advance notice potential.  Finally, stakeholders may have a supplier bias agenda and may not want their preferred suppliers to lose the opportunity. Pierpont can help your team diagnose these and other failure modes to unlock greater value for your business.

Do you struggle every year coming up with a fact base for how to “Predict Your Savings Goals” ?

Companies often assign arbitrary goals to Procurement based on financial gaps irrespective of whether the goal is realistic or achievable. At stake, is your Procurement Team’s credibility and the career-limiting consequence of potentially years of poor performance.  Pierpont’s proprietary methodology focuses on helping you partner with your business to identify addressable spend and set meaningful goals, tethering to your business’ real financial fact-base.  Pierpont’s proprietary methodology, helps you quickly assess your future spend; quantify it; understand which categories are addressable; and contextualize the right set of targets based on those facts.  Pierpont can help ensure that your business properly understands what savings, innovation, cash-flow opportunities are possible while also making visible the process challenges that will have to be mitigated to improve organizational success.

Do you rely on pareto analysis to identify your strategic focus?

Many businesses use the Pareto Principle to strategically categorize and prioritize their spend.  In essence this forces focus on the top 20% of suppliers that typically drive 80% of your spend.  Notably, this also means “consciously not managing 20% of your spend and 80% of your suppliers.”  At the macro-economy level, out of the $9 Trillion USD in B2B Spend in the United States for 2018, businesses cumulatively $1.8 Trillion dollars went un-managed or was put through a sub-optimal buying processes.   At Pierpont, let us show you how next generation tools and evolved Source-to-Contract processes can help your business achieve dramatically greater savings on your tail spend.

Why focus on Source-to-Contract (S2C)?

The Source-to-Contract (S2C) process is the next largest process after the sales process for your business.  Increasingly this multi-trillion dollar annual process is controlled by a singular function within business, the Procurement Function.  Therefore, to drive value in this process, we must make the S2C process more reliable, less resource demanding, less behavior-loss prone and more repeatable across the buyer-to-buyer variability that routinely exists.

If your business is seeking to get actionable answers to these and other procurement questions, Pierpont Holdings can likely help you start and manage your digital transformation.

Each one of these challenges, if left unchecked, can take tens of millions of dollars out of play for the typical business.  If you are interested in getting more out of your strategically managed categories and your tail spend, then Pierpont can show you the way.  Contact us today. 


In short, we believe that the Source-to-Contract (S2C) space is the next largest area after Sales for every business.  In the US alone, the Business to Business (B2B) spend opportunity is $9 trillion annually.  Similarly, the non-managed portion of this spend is valued at $1.8 Trillion.  At Pierpont, we believe Industry 4.0 technologies are going to lead to the reinvention of this high-value S2C process.  Further we believe that every company can benefit from these evolved tools.   But that’s not all, Procurement’s core methodology will have to evolve to maximize the beneficial impact of new tools like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. To that end, Pierpont Holdings is the exclusive Licensor of an evolved S2C process methodology called Constraint-Less Biding.  The combination of both tools and this proprietary methodology an help you jumpstart your digital procurement journey.