Products & Services

Pierpont’s Products and Services are first and Foremost Developed “BY Procurement Professionals FOR Procurement Professionals”.  As such our solution recommendations have a depth of understanding and detailed insight which is unmatched in industry.  Whether you’re managing a few strategic categories or double-digit billions of dollars, Pierpont’s seasoned consultants can help your procurement team find the right products and services to drive the desired strategic outcomes.

Source-to-Contract (S2C) Consulting

Source to Contract is the next largest value driving process after the sales process for most businesses.  Also, never before in the history of business has so much B2B spending ($9 Trillion in US alone in 2018) been controlled by a singular corporate function.  Most corporate procurement teams are tasked with delivering between 3-6% of their total spend in year over year savings annually.  But this savings percentage could potentially be between 150%-303% larger if these teams embrace the right set of S2C next generation tools and evolve their Procurement process and team capabilities.  Additionally, Pierpont has exclusively licensed the EPSquared (Enterprise Procurement Platform) SaaS solution which is the first ever near realtime S2C diagnostic tool in the industry. Join the S2C revolution today with Pierpont’s unique proprietary approach.

CPO Strategy Consulting

Most CPOs don’t need a big-bang, multi-million dollar, long duration consultant engagement to identify, drive and sustain results for their business.  However, they may need the ability to consult with an experienced CPO who can help them  drive sustained performance over the thousands of Procurement projects that their teams work on each year.  With unprecedented data visibility available across the S2C process data can be unpacked to identify stakeholder roles and responsibilities; early engagement issues; bandwidth issues; prioritization issues.  These are relevant factors across all spend categories touching every business area: from IT to R&D to Operations and even Commercial.  This service helps to diagnose capability gaps within your Procurement teams before they can adversely impact deal outcomes.  Contact Pierpont today to see how we can help you drive better outcomes for your business.

Technology Roadmap Consulting

To help your business get the most of your procurement technology investments, Pierpont has developed a Technology Roadmap Consulting offering. For this offering, we’ll deliver an assessment of your current technology landscape; we’ll make recommendations of new investments you should consider over time; we’ll explore your pain points and list the most impactful of your unmet opportunities; and, we can work with your team to develop and implement an action plan to deliver the desired outcomes to your business.  Chart your From-To Technology Roadmap today with Pierpont.

Procurement Digital Transformation

The first part of any digital transformation journey is to digitize the most valued data so that next generation processes like robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), Big Data Analytics and Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be deployed to deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0 reinvention.  Pierpont was founded on thought leadership and real-world application of these technologies to deliver differentiated outcomes for Fortune companies.  The future of Procurement will be faster, better, cheaper and more robust with the targeted application of these technologies in the most routine procurement practices.  Start your Digital Procurement Transformation today with Pierpont.